Preventing Lockout Issues

Posted in Uncategorized on August 15, 2016

Locking yourself out of a car is probably one of the most annoying situations that a person may have to face. Not only does it cause you to be late arriving at the location you need to get to, but it can also make a person feel a little foolish when they realize they have just shut the car door with their keys dangling in the ignition. Don’t feel foolish though as this happens to thousands of people each and every day. If you find yourself being one of the many that seems to frequently lock the keys in the car, then you may want to try one or more of the following to help you prevent locking the keys in the car and cut down on the roadside assistance bills that you may be finding yourself paying quite often.


A Spare Key. This may seem like a simple solution but you would not believe the number of people that either do not have a spare key or that have one but never seem to know where it is. Many people also have a spare and they oddly enough, keep it in the car where it is of no use when the doors are locked and they cannot get in. When you have a spare key made, place it in a safe area where you can easily access the key and be on your way. A location outside of your home where no one else knows about it or even having a trusted friend or family member hold a key for you is a good idea. Also, you may want to keep one tucked away in your purse or wallet so you will have it on you if you are away from home and those that you know and trust.


Have Electronic Keys Tested. Many of the new cars today have electronic keys and these keys have had many glitches since they first started being used. A key that is not working correctly can prevent you from not only starting the car but also from entering it at all. Be sure to have the dealership test your key at least every three months to ensure that it is working correctly.


Pattern Changes. If you lose your keys quite often, it may be related to a pattern that you are using when it comes to locking the keys inside. To help prevent this, you may want to try changing your patterns a little. For instance, if you always leave the key in the ignition or on the set next to you, try placing the key in your purse as soon as you shut the car off. Better yet, you may want to purchase a key ring that you can wear around your neck or even on a belt loop around your waist with a cord that stretches the key from your body to the ignition with ease. If you do not opt for an extended key chain, be sure to tell yourself as you drive to remember the keys when you stop. Telling yourself often may be just the pattern change that you need to remember the key and not have to worry about calling a tow service as often to unlock the car door for you.


If you do lock your keys in the car every once in a while, just know that everyone does it at one time or another. If the tow truck driver knows you by name when he pulls up, you may either have a problem with locking yourself out of the car or you really like the friendship that you are building with the driver.


Need Lockout Help?

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